iPowerUs 9V Battery Charger FC-9V4LN

Battery Charger for Lithium Polymer 9V Batteries.

This iPower US 9V Battery Charger FC-9V4LN is for use with the iPower US 9V 520mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable batteries. This is a very fast charger that is able to charge the 520mAh li-polymer batteries in just over an hour. Each charging channel is equipped with auto detection, auto protection and auto stop. LED indicators let you know the status of each battery: constant red for charging, constant green means full, flashing red indicates a bad battery and a flashing green indicates bad battery or a non-rechargeable battery has been connected. The 9V battery charger from iPower US has a dual mode and is also able to charge either Li-Polymer/Li-Ion or NiMH/NiCD 9V batteries simply by flicking a switch on the charger. This charger allows you to charge different capacities of batteries at once but you should not mix battery types - for example, do not charge Li-polymer and NiMH together.





  • Specifications
  • Charging Voltage8.4V ± 0.05V
  • Size 25.5mm x 16.4mm x 47.5mm

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