4" Foot Foam

Foam Tape 10cm x 10m.

Closed-cell PVC/Nitrile foam permanently bonded to a polyester film which acts as a carrier for an aggressive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. It is a firm foam with good compression strength, low compression set and quick recovery. High strength polyester interliner provides good dimensional stability. Very high strength adhesive sticks permanently to a wide variety of surfaces. Robust foam with high resistance to tearing and abrasion. Ideally suited to die-cutting due to good dimensional stability and high quality paper liner. Resistant to weathering - suitable for outdoor use. Flame retardant to FMVSS 302. Resistant to petrol and oil. Electrically non-conductive - can be used as an electrolysis barrier. Good resistance to acids, solvents and many chemicals.





  • Specifications
  • Material PVC Nitrile Foam
  • Size 4mm x 10cm x 10m

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