Noga Arms

Aluminium Arms.

Still-life photographers waste valuable time trying to position simple objects. Though their ingenuity can be marvelled at, Holdit replaces any tricks with wires, sticky tapes or clamps and clips. Fast and simple, lock your objects with the professional and variable arm. Four different sizes of articulated arms are offered for a wide range of applications. Choose the arms that fit your needs. Choose the accessories that you need for your application.

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  • Specifications
      LC9000 DG9000 MG9000 GR9000
    Max Load 2Kg 4Kg 5Kg 6Kg
    Bottom Lenght 38mm 110mm 133mm 215mm
    Top Lenght 38mm 110mm 133mm 215mm
    Total Lenght 76mm 220mm 266mm 430mm
    Bottom Thread M6 M6 M8 M8
    Top Thread M6 M6 M6 M6

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