Noga Griffin Long Arm GR2000

Aluminium Arm.

Holdit Griffin Arm: Reaching out to new applications. The Griffin is the strongest and most versatile yet: larger, longer and tougher. The Griffin Arm will hold small cameras, lights, monitors and other production accessories that require extended positioning around the set-up. At the core of its design is a central mechanism that with one simple turn, instantly and simultaneously locks or releases the system's three articulated joints. You can quickly position your equipment on set, and just as swiftly modify the angle, skew or height to respond to the needs of any shooting situation. When things change on set - and they always do - you can react just as urgently. The Griffin is comprised of two equal length arms and holds more weight than any of its rivals. It can be mounted on a light stand or any other suitable location with a grip clamp.





  • Specifications
  • Max Load 6Kg
  • Bottom Lenght 215mm, 5/8"
  • Top Lenght 215mm, 1/4"-20 + nut
  • Total Lenght 430mm

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