Noga Holdit DG9014, DG9114

Professional Variable Arm System, Holdit Set: Arms, Top & Bottom Accessories, Lever.

This exclusive, market-leading range helps you manage every shot, simply and efficiently. Featuring a double-articulated, triple-jointed arm that can be locked into limitless angles, the Holdit system supports props, fill in lights, reflectors, monitors or secure any compact table-top subject. Holdit gives you the versatility and dependability no regular bracket, clip, clamp, wire, tape or balancing act can. Holdit is fast becoming the essential accessory for professional photographers. The Holdit complete set offers the professional photographer optimum flexibility and maximum choice while shooting.

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  • Specifications
  • Max Load 4Kg
  • Bottom Lenght 110mm, 1/4"-20
  • Top Lenght 110mm, 1/4"-20 + nut
  • Total Lenght 220mm

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