Large Industrial Wipes

80 Large Size Wipes.

Large Wipes are rated strong industrial grade cleaning wipes. Large wipes are ideal for around the workshop, job sites, garages, work vehicles, factories and all other industrial facilities where a quick clean up of messy jobs are required. For instant clean up of light contamination of oil, grease, wet paint, wet tar, silicone, gap fill adhesive, PU foam and all general soiling. Large Wipes are multipurpose can be used for cleaning hands, tools, equipment and hard surfaces such as all types of metal, gloss painted wood, plastic and glass leaving no residue. The large wipe is infused with a disinfectant non toxic cleaning fluid which is kind to skin. Large Wipes are ideal for hand cleaning in areas where no rinse water is available and good hygiene is essential. After wiping hands with the wipe simply let air dry to a smooth non-sticky finish. Large Wipes are manufactured from non woven heavy weight fabric which has deep cleaning action for job site cleaning. Large wipes are portable and presented in an easy dispense container to reduce waste and a snap lid to increase shelf life.





  • Specifications
  • UsageCleaning Wipes
  • Sheet Size 195cm x 300cm

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